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Antigue Clock Dial Restoration.

Antique clock dial after restoration    Antique clock dial after restoration    Longcase clock dial after restoration

Examples of Antique Clock Dial Restoration

In addition to our clock movement and case restoration services we repaint and restore clock dials and faces. This work involves various paint finishes to match the original and enamel dial restoration which involves re-firing techniques.

On the left you can see a damaged enamelled dial, on the right the dial restored and on the clock.

enamel clock dial Embassy Clock after restoration

Enamel dial restoration is in fact porcelain restoration and uses very much the same techniques, an enamel dial which is damaged can be restored back to its original condition without any sign of damage whatsoever, the main criteria here though, as with any restoration, is that the cost has to be within the value of the restored item to be viable for the owner.

All our dials are restored using traditional paint techniques.

We undertake dial and face painting and clock re-silvering in exactly the same fashion as when they were originally made. We paint clock dials using paint and pigments of the period and we also copy the original artists naive techniques. On scottish dials we lay gold leaf as per the original dial.

Some before and after examples of our clock dial restoration work.

The long case dial with moonphase on the left was as you see extremely damaged and rusty.

Antique clock dial before restoration Antique clock dial after restoration

On the left you can see a rather damaged automated Adam and Eve

longcase clock dial and on the right the finished dial with adding gold leaf.


Antique clock dial before restorationAntique clock dial after restoration

The re-painted dial on the right has had gold leaf added as per the original.

Longcase clock dial before restoration Longcase clock dial after restoration

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