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Antiques and Fine Art Consultancy

Antiques and fine art consultancy is no longer undertaken by Green and Cockburn as Malcolm green has retired from the restoration is business but is undertaking his valuations business so please contact him on the new website which is www.antiques-valuations.co.uk

Undertaken by Malcolm Green Antiques Restorer and Valuer for The BBC, Auction Houses, Museums and Embassies.

He can help you by advising you the best route to follow regardingthe valuation of your items for insurance replacement or inheritance tax purposes (probate). he has one charge and one valuer to value across the spectrum from fine art to furniture to antique clocks and porcelain. whereas auction houses will invariably send an individual valuer out for each particular valuation skill and charge accordingly.

He has been restoring and valuing these items for over 40 years therefore he is more than capable of realising their worth and giving you the best possible advice available.

Malcolm Green on Restoration Roadshow

Malcolm has had overe 40 years of valuation and restoration experience, Malcolm has been working for the BBC on the antiques restoration roadshow and valuing for auction houses as well as running his own antiques restoration and valuation business in Weston & Letchworth on the Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire border.

Malcolm now has a sister company,

www.antiques-valuations.co.uk which solely concentrates on the valuation of antiques and fine art across the spectrum.

Recently his advice helped a client to to gain a extra £30,000 on a painting, that was estimated and valued in the region of £7000 by an auction house.

This client was seriously thinking of selling it at that particular auction, on his advice this painting was submitted to a more appropriate auction with the new valuation of £20,000 to £30,000 and the painting actually made £39,000. Below you can see the painting in question.

the end of the day

The End of The Day by frederick Hall (1860-1948)

If you wish to sell many items such as from a house clearance and these items are all placed into one auction house, the paintings might sell at the so said particular auction house for a high price but the furniture not, therefore it is necessary to place your items in different auctions to receive the highest bid for your items. Selecting the right auction for the right item is the best route to acquire the highest price for each individual item.

Malcolm is completely unbiased with our valuations as we are not affiliated to any auction house or dealer and can give you the best advice possible where to sell your item.

Below as description from the BBC when Malcolm was working at Green and Cockburn,

Malcolm is a restorer & consultant by the BBC for programs such as the Restoration roadshow.

Transparent TV Statement about Malcolm Green

Malcolm as described by the BBC 2 for the restoration roadshow broadcast 2010/2011/2012/2013. Malcolm has also been used by producers of TV programs as a consultant in relation to period dramas and as an adviser on the use of the appropriate period concept.

Malcolm has been used by designers who use our knowledge on furniture and decoration and period style structure.

If you're in the process of making a film or program and you need help regarding the right period concept or simply some advice on getting the furniture or decor right for the period we can help you with that process.

Approved Antiques Valuers

Malcolm is an approved Antique valuers to tax office standards and are often asked by auction houses, the general public, and insurance companies to value single antique pieces or whole estates.

William De Morgan dishes

Below you can see a William De Morgan dish and a William De Morgan charger which were valued at £3,000 each. When we were called out for a secondary valuation we estimated the value to be somewhere in the region of £15,000.

On Malcolm's advice advice these items were sold through Sworders auction rooms at Stansted Mountfitchet between them they achieved £21,200.00.

Lot 58 A William De Morgan ruby lustre dish

William De Morgan dish

This dish sold for £7200

Lot 59 A William De Morgan 'Sunset and Moonlight Suite' charger

A William De Morgan 'Sunset and Moonlight Suite' charger

This bowl or charger sold for £14,000

Dutch marquetry clocks circa 1680 rather like the one on the left, are often valued wrongly or undervalued, these clocks come in to our workshop for restoration sometimes after the buyer has acquired them for very little these clocks are then restored using materials and techniques contemporary to the period of construction, and then the purchaser who may be a dealer can sell or retail this clock for £30-£40,000.

The mirror on the right is a cushion mirror with heavily gilded gold filigree leaf and lead glass which would retail after restoration somewhere in the region of £30,000.

Part of the valuation process is not just knowing how to value the item but also more importantly knowing how it can look after correct and proper restoration work, thereforewith with this knowledge of restoration techniques Malcolm will know how to value it accordingly as he can see its true value.

Malcolm has been a restorer for 45 years and is capable of seeing things in a different light and understanding then auctioneer based valuers, who do not have this restoration knowledge therefore they are incapable of what the item can look like as they do not have this procedure foresight.


Dutch-marquetry-long case-1680 Gilded-cushion-mirror

Malcolm knows the pitfalls and he can advise accordingly how to proceed with your valuation, he can also instruct you how to proceed after the declaration and probate is completed, and how to proceed on the sale of your items by auction or reputable antiques retailer to acquire the best possible price.

Malcolm is available for valuation, consultancy,or any lecturing service that may be required.

As valuers we and quite often used by insurance companies to authenticate an item and we are also used by individuals for probate and contents valuation for insurance purposes.

Looking for a qualified antique valuer and consultant Malcolm Green …
Tel : 01462 790646 or E-mail :www.antiques-valuations.co.uk