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Malcolm Green Antiques Restorer and Valuer for the BBC, Auction Houses, Museums and Embassies

Our antique and fine art consultancy is now provided through Malcolm Green's valuation business. Please contact him through the relevant website at

Malcolm offers expert advice regarding the valuation of your items for insurance replacement or inheritance tax purposes (probate). Rather than outsourcing your valuation to multiple experts, Malcolm specialises in his knowledge of fine art, antique furniture, clocks, and porcelain items. Whereas auction houses provide multiple services to value your items, (charging you for each), Malcolm delivers a complete valuation for a single fee.

Malcolm Green on Restoration Roadshow

Malcolm has over 45 years of valuation and restoration experience. He has worked for the BBC on the Antiques Restoration Roadshow, provided valuation services for auction houses, and runs his own successful antiques restoration and valuation business, in Weston & Letchworth, on the Hertfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Bedfordshire border.

Malcolm now dedicates his time to his valuation business at Providing services for the valuation of fine antiques and art across the spectrum.

If a member of your family dies one should always follow the rules for probate rather than selling the things off to a auction house or local dealer as they will invariably sell the things through auction or simply try and sell it at the very highest price for which sometimes can be quite surprising.

Mantel clock by William Payne

The clock in the photograph above is this sort of thing that one can find in such a probate. This particular clock by the highly regarded maker William Payne (1811-75) of Bond Street, it was offered at Holloway’s (20% buyer’s premium) in Banbury on October 30.

The rosewood-case measuring 10½in (27cm) high with handle up, enclosed a twin fuseé movement striking on a gong. Against a £1000-1500 estimate, the clock sold at £7600.

Therefore it is best to get the items valued by a competent freelance value that is not affiliated to any auction house such as

If you wish to sell items (perhaps for a house clearance), then placing everything into a single auction may seem convenient. This will always be a gamble, as different styles and pieces will do well at different auction houses. Maybe the paintings might sell at auction for a desirable price but the antique furniture could fail, leaving you questioning their value. Malcolm understands that this can be frustrating and confusing. With his knowledge, he can assist you in placing the right items into the right auction houses to receive the highest bid for all of your items. Malcolm possesses a great amount of experience in dealing with auction houses and his knowledge will ensure that the right auctions are selected for each item.

Malcolm prides himself on his unbiased approach towards his valuations, as his services are not affiliated with any auction house or dealer. He will always strive to give you the possible advice on where and how to sell your item/items.

A message from the BBC regarding Malcolm Green,

Malcolm is a restorer & consultant by the BBC for programs such as the Restoration roadshow.

Transparent TV Statement about Malcolm Green

Deverberie mantal clock

In the photograph you can see a very fine Deverberie mantle clock undertaken by our restoration and valuation department recently Clocks of this nature are certainly well worth restoring, the value of them has increased somewhat over the years, as have most clocks from the Empire period. Restoration can be fairly costly particularly if pieces are missing and have to be cast using lost wax technique and then gilded. But the average replacement value by insurance for a clock of this sort is somewhere in the region of £44,000. Clocks of this nature also tend to get valued incorrectly by auctions and certainly this is the kind of item that should be recognised for probate and valued to downsize your payment to HM RC.

If one looks on Google and types in to the browser Deverberie clock and then looks at the image section you can see many many clocks of this nature and their value and viability. A link is inserted for you to do this if you wish.

Malcolm prides himself on his unbiased approach towards his valuations, as his services are not affiliated with any auction house or dealer. He will always strive to give you the possible advice on where and how to sell your item/items.

See Deverberie clock on google

Approved Antiques Valuers

Malcolm is an approved antique valuer by tax office standards, and is often requested by auction houses, the general public, and insurance companies, to value single antique items or entire estates.

William De Morgan Dishes

Below is a William De Morgan dish and a William De Morgan charger which were valued at £3,000 each. When we were called out for a secondary valuation and we estimated the value of each item to be somewhere in the region of £15,000.

On Malcolm's advice these items were sold through Sworders auction rooms at Stansted Mountfitchet. Between them they achieved £21,200.00.

Lot 58 A William De Morgan Ruby Lustre Dish

William De Morgan dishThis dish sold for £7,200

Lot 59 A William De Morgan 'Sunset and Moonlight Suite' Charger

A William De Morgan 'Sunset and Moonlight Suite' chargeThe bowl (or charger) sold for £14,000

Dutch marquetry clocks circa 1680 (as shown in the photograph below, on the left), are often undervalued or valued incorrectly. These clocks frequently arrive at our workshop after the buyer has purchased them at low cost. The clocks are then restored by us, using materials and techniques contemporary to the period of construction. They can sell on for upwards of £30,000-£40,000.

The mirror within the right-hand photograph, is a cushion mirror, with heavily gilded gold filigree leaf and lead glass. It can be sold after restoration somewhere within the region of £30,000.

Being able to provide the best valuation for clients is not just about having the skills needed to appropriately value an item. It is also essential in this business to know what the piece can realistically make after restoration. This requires extensive knowledge of the antiques trade, as well as experience in the sale of such items, which Malcolm can confidently provide.

Malcolm's 45 year restoration career has given him insight and first hand experience in the sale of many unique items. Aa an experienced restorer, he can provide valued confirmation on a piece's age, construction and history that would otherwise be missed in a busy auction house!

Fine antique Dutch marquetry long case Gilded-cushion-mirror

Malcolm understands all the pitfalls when it comes to valuing and selling antiques. He can confidently advise you on how to proceed with your valuation if you should ever face one. He will also instruct you on how to proceed after the declaration and probate is completed. This includes advice on how to go forward with the sale of your items by auction or reputable antiques retailers for the best possible price.

Malcolm is available for valuation, consultancy, or for any lecturing service that may be required

As valuers, we are often used by insurance companies to authenticate items. As well as being used by individuals for probate and the valuation of property contents for insurance purposes.

We have felt it necessary to contact solicitors on behalf of our clients for probate work, as more and more frequently, we are valuing for house clearances for individuals who are receiving considerable items of value.

Most of this work has been on behalf of private clients undertaking restoration and valuation work for the BBC, and stately homes in Great Britain.

Our mainstay in valuation work has been valuations on behalf of major auction house, private estates and solicitors undertaking probate and insurance valuations.

We have modernised our valuation processes during recent years, using cameras with geo-tagging for photographic identification purposes which link to a particular property. We also use hyperlinking for items of merit as identification for HMRC or insurance replacement purposes.

When processing a probate, most solicitors employ a house clearing service (which is probably to clear the property quickly and for profit).

Most of these house clearing companies end up with us to have the items valued. This shows, therefore, that unfortunately many individuals within the house clearing industry lack the appropriate knowledge for items of merit. We try to inform those concerned, as we tend to be approached with bulk items of extreme value that the client isn't aware of.

It's highly recommended to have items valued first to avoid a third party contesting the contents. House clearance companies will typically charge for a house to be cleared.

Our work with solicitors is focused on valuation prior to any house clearance company's involvement. This allows us to accurately assess the items of merit within the property, and to avoid any third-party interaction. Once the valuation has been finalised, and the contents valued correctly, the property can of course be cleared.

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