Antique Clock and Furniture Restoration

Antique Furniture Restoration, Conservation and Repair

Below you can see a very fine ladies Regency work Cabinet after Restoration.

This fine Cabinet was made from the best flame mahogany with very fine walnut interior and boxwood topped drawers with ivory handles it also has the very rare detail of drawn pen work on the underside.

Very fine Sheraton ladies work Cabinet

Below you can see the fine detail the inlaid fan and boxwood inlay.

Fan inlay on the top of Sheraton period work Cabinet

Below a photograph of the fine decorative pen work if you look to the bottom left of the Oval you can see a fly on the tabletop which has been painted in black to look like a real fly.

Fine pen work on the top of the ladies work table

Prior to restoration the table was in an appalling condition dirty dusty and apparently had been kept in storage for many years.

Ladies work table before restoration

This Cabinet was dusty and broken as you can see below.

lyre shaped base of work table for restoration

Below you can see an example of our work.

An oil painting from the School of Rosetti with a broken frame.

The frame of this particular painting was resin moulded and this was a really rather modern approach at the time. First a frame was carved from wood, this was then cast using a plaster of paris mould then within this mould a resin was laid and when this resin was dry it was then coloured to resemble the wooden frame. By this means many frames could be made from the same mould.

Rosetti period painting with frame damaged

The frame above has a section missing completely in two places plus damaged corners.

To restore this antique frame the first thing to do is make a carving to match the surrounding work and then a cast made and then a resin copy made, this would then be coloured to match the surrounding frame. Below you can see a clearer view of the work needed.Pre-Raphaelite picture frame damaged

The artwork had to be cleaned and re-stretched, the carving undertaken and copied with artistic license to exactly how it should have been and then once the resin mould was made it was added to the frame and coloured and aged.

Carved and Cast

Above and below you can see the completed work matching the surrounding frame. Repaired frame

Dutch Marquetry Commode Circa 1690.

This fine Dutch marquetry commode had suffered rather badly and the veneer had fallen off and was missing and a lot of the mouldings were broken.

Dutch marquetry Bombay commode bookcase restoredDutch marquetry Bombay commode
Dutch marquetry Bombay commode base

This chest had missing handles which had to be made by the lost wax principle where one handle was copied by making a clay mould which was filled with wax, the wax was then melted off and the void then filled with molten brass.

Below you can see a close-up of some of the marquetry work.

close-up Dutch marquetry Bombay commode

Boxwood was used for most of the inlay work, this boxwood was coloured green for the foliage and yellow for the petals. Laburnum and other rare woods were also used.

Marquetry made in this fashion was undertaken in the UK in the Dutch style mostly in the William and Mary period. The Dutch came to the country to assist in draining the fens when they came they brought their woodworking skills with them.

Pier Glasses After Restoration

Pier mirrors after restoration

Mahogany marble topped consul table circa 1746

A fine Christmas spread on the 17th century table

The Regency table above came into our workshop painted white and broken with two missing two legs.

Peace of mind

As an extra measure for your peace of mind, our workshop is fully alarmed and your antique furniture fully insured whilst on our premises.

Our fully equipped workshop allows us to carry out any restoration repair work to your damaged item of antique furniture, to a state of complete period restoration, specialising in all traditional methods.

William and Mary Restored pie crust table

Green & Cockburn can guarantee a perfect restoration of your valuable antique furniture whilst keeping in mind the need to carry out renovation work in such a way that the repair will not be noticed.

Experts in antique furniture conservation

Our expertise includes cabinet making, carving, making mouldings, water and oil gilding, dutch marquetry, scratch stock cutting techniques, japanning, veneer work, enamelling and french polishing.

All items are wood wormed prior to entering our workshop. Period staining of replacement timber is also in our long list of expertise and we have a comprehensive stock of original period veneers.

Churches and Cathedrals ... furniture restoration ...

We have undertaken restoration and conservation work in the UK and around the world, working in embassies, museums, stately homes and undertaking restoration on individual items, some of our most recent important restoration commissions have included the American Embassy, the Dr. Samuel Hahnemann collection in Germany and other other private Collections.

Green & Cockburn are also available for restoration, renovation, conservation and repair work in Churches and Cathedrals.

Antique furniture problems - help, advice, quotations...

We are more than happy to give you a free, no-obligation quote for any restoration work.

If you have a furniture piece that you would like to have restored and are unsure whether restoration is possible, or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Green & Cockburn. We are also more than happy to meet you in person to discuss your requirements.

More examples of our antique renovations

Below are a two example pictures of restoration on one regancy stool and one geogian armchair undertaken by our workshops.

Regency stool restored Georgian armchair after upholstery

Why not view some more before and after photos of our recent antique furniture restorations? We are sure you will be pleasantly surprised!

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We at Green & Cockburn are willing to help with any antique restoration project. Please contact us with your antique clocks and furniture restoration problems. Perhaps we can offer help and advice.

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