Antique Clock and Furniture Restoration Specialists.

Antique Clock Restoration and Valuation Services in Hertfordshire & Suffolk

Please call us before arriving at our workshops to avoid disappointment as we are open by appointment only.

We are more than willing to call out to visit you at your premises to view your work of art or antique clock or antique item of furniture with a view to restoration.

We are located and have workshops in North Hertfordshire and North Suffolk but of course we are willing to travel to collect your item from anywhere within the UK.

At Green and Cockburn we are renowned for our restoration services, and valuation services. We restore broken and damaged antiques to their original state, using materials contemporary to the period of manufacture.

Most of the work that we undertake is the restoration of fine antique clocks, specialising in long case clocks, furniture, and works of art of merit from the 17th and 18th century

We are proud to have been requested by museums and specialist collectors, and have also undertaken restoration work on behalf of the Crown and Houses of Parliament.

We have also undertaken restoration in many large houses and stately homes throughout the country and are proud to undertaken the restoration of antique clocks and works of art from Winfield house the American ambassador's residence, restoring items as bequeathed by Lincoln and Eisenhower.

All restoration is undertaken in the client's premises or in our workshops as we do not outsource our work.

Please contact us by phoning (01462) 790646 or (01986) 785198 or by e-mail at


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Tel: 01462 790646 or E-mail

The British antique furniture restorers Association

We are accredited members of BAFRA, (British Antique Furniture Restorers Association).

Horologists, Conservators and Restoration Specialists To The Art, Antique And Museum Professions.

Conservation help and advice
We at Green & Cockburn are willing to help with any antique restoration project. Please contact us with your antique clocks and furniture restoration problems. Perhaps we can offer help and advice.

Historic Houses

We are Corporate members of the Historic Houses Association or HHA

Some of these fine antiques are looked after and housed in fine buildings supported by the Historic Houses Association.