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Please phone before turning up at our workshops to avoid disappointment as we are open by appointment only

We are particularly renowned for our restoration skills in restoring broken or damaged items back to their original and contemporary state using materials exactly to the period of manufacture most of our clients are discerning individuals such as museums and specialist collectors etc,all this restoration work is undertaken in our workshops and we do not outsource anything.

We specialise in antique clock movements and cases by using techniques and tools as were originally used.which will obviously enhance the value. Our emphasis on using original materials in this modern age is somewhat unusual as a lot of restorers have found it beneficial to use modern materials which sometimes unfortunately can react with older traditional organic base substances but maybe quicker.

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The British antique furniture restorers Association

We are accredited members of BAFRA, (British Antique Furniture Restorers Association).

Horologists, Conservators and Restoration Specialists To The Art, Antique And Museum Professions.

Conservation help and advice
We at Green & Cockburn are willing to help with any antique restoration project. Please contact us with your antique clocks and furniture restoration problems. Perhaps we can offer help and advice.

Historic Houses

We are Corporate members of the Historic Houses Association or HHA

Some of these fine antiques are looked after and housed in fine buildings supported by the Historic Houses Association.