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Long Case Clock Restoration


This page is about long case clock restoration and some of the long case clocks that we receive for restoration on on a regular basis.

We specialise in 17th and 18th century clocks undertaking restoration of Dutch marquetry long case clocks and movements.

A lot of these clocks come to us in a state of extreme disrepair requiring restoration work to be undertaken on the movement the case and the dial.

We hold a vast stock of timber contemporary to the period of restoration on any long case clock dating as far back as the 16th century, we specialise in the restoration of very many different styles of marquetry work holding timbers that are now extinct.

We have lots of movement parts for long case clocks that can be fitted as per the original or made to the original format.

Below you can see some of the long case clocks that have passed through our workshop recently.

Two fine 30 hour long case clock

In the pictures below you can see two 30 hour clocks, in the past these 30 hour long case clocks were considered to be of lesser nature but in reality because they have not been tampered with and adjusted and added to therefore most of them are as they were made and in many ways they are far more enjoyable to work on because many of them have not been touched since the day they left the workshop from the original maker.

Most of these 30 hour clocks have a count wheel strike which predates the rack strike which one sees in most long case clocks before around 1740

Fine 30 hour long case clock

Below you can see a very fine Dutch marquetry clock 1680


Fine 17th-century antique long case clock Dutch marquetry long case clock

Below you can see a slightly better picture of this fine antique long case clock trunk.

The door was broken into three pieces when it came in a lot of the marquetry work was missing this has now been replaced as you can see from the photograph on the right bun feet has now been fitted as per the original format.

18th-century Dutch marquetry long case clock trunkMarquetry door

Below you can see a picture of the very fine hood all the mouldings had to be removed and relayed as timber of this period was laid vertically rather than horizontally and walnut tends to Cup therefore making it loose on the carcass.



Some clocks are not all wonderfully valuable items but cherished by the client who is more than willing to pay for the restoration work because it belonged to their grandparent and has been in the family for many generations.

The clock below in the photograph was such a clock, an American client asked us to undertake the restoration of what is basically a pile of firewood but she was more than willing to pay the fee for the restoration, clocks coming in for restoration, of this nature is not uncommon.

A Rather damaged long case clock

Below you can see a photograph of the clock after restoration.


Long case clock restoredLong case mahogany trunk


Below you can see the dial and moon phases after restoration.

18th century long case Dial repainted

In the photograph below you can see the case of the completed long case clock in the packaging as evidence of condition prior to shipping to America photograph in an item prior to shipping is necessary as it sometimes damage can occur in transit.

If you click on each image you can see the condition prior to restoration.


Long case finished prior to shipping Long case base finished and photograph prior to shipping to America

Antique Long Case Clock Restoration

In our antiques clock restoration department we restore clock movements and cases in exactly the same way as when they were made with the added help of modern machine tools.

Walnut period long case clock hood

We undertake dial painting  in exactly the same manner as when they were made.

On the left before restoration on the right after restoration.

Long case dial before restoration               longcase dial after restoration 


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