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Antique Longcase Clock Restoration

We repair and renovate clock movements, dials and cases to their original state using techniques contemporary to the age of the antique clock.

We specialise in 17th and 18th century clocks, including the restoration of Dutch marquetry longcase clocks. The following video is an example of a completed longcase clock restoration.

Many of the clocks we take in are in extreme disrepair requiring restoration work to be undertaken on the movement, case and dial.

We hold a vast stock of timber contemporary to all longcase clocks dating as far back as the 16th century. We also specialise in the restoration of many different styles of marquetry work using timbers which are now unobtainable due to their extinction. We provide all movement parts that can be fitted to the original format of the clock.

Below you can see some of the long case clocks that have passed through our repair workshop recently - here, you can also see our Antique Clock restoration projects.


A very fine Dutch marquetry clock 1680

The second picture below shows a closer view of the marquetry on this fine antique longcase clock trunk. When it arrived at our workshop, the door was broken into three pieces, and a lot of the marquetry work was missing.


Dutch marquetry long case clock Dutch Marquetry clock trunk with bullseyeDetail the very fine work undertaken on the hood

A splendid longcase clock hood

The picture of the hood shows the detail of a very fine antique clock hood. All the mouldings had to be removed and relaid as the timber of this period was laid vertically, rather than horizontally. Walnut also tends to cup therefore making it loose on the carcass.


Two fine 30 hour longcase clocks

In the past, 30 hour longcase clocks were not so much of a staple as they are today but have since become admired for their original parts. Unlike many other styles of clocks, they have passed through the generations mostly untampered with. For us as antique clock restorers, we thoroughly enjoy working on a clock that may not have been changed since the day it left the original maker's workshop.

Most 30 hour clocks have a count wheel strike which predates the rack strike as seen in most longcase clocks predating 1740.

Fine 30 hour long case clock fine 30 hour longcase with painted dial


Walnut period long case clock hood

This is a picture of a period walnut longcase clock hood circa 1690 after our restoration.

Walnut period long case clock hood

We restore period clock dials

We also pride ourselves on our dial painting, as the methods we use are original to the dial itself. On the left is an exanple before restoration on the right after our restoration.

Long case dial before restorationlongcase dial after restoration

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