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Antique Clock Movement Restoration & Long Case Conservation and Repair Specialists.

Antique Clock Movement restoration and repair work.


We restore antique clock movements using the same techniques and tools as originally used.

It is quite common to receive a movement for restoration that is extremely rusty, perhaps it has been sitting in a shed or garage for many years. This movement will be inspected, any worn parts will be replaced, the broken wheels will be remade, any worn pivots or pinions will be replaced, the movement will then be cleaned and reassembled to the original standard.

We were asked to undertake the restoration of this which was once a rather splendid fusee clock, by a client who had faith in our restoration skills and was willing to pay the required fee to bring the item back to its original splendour.

The dial clock from Celler

As you can see the clock has been fully restored a bezel was found and fitted a convex glass was found and fitted and the dial restored to its original characteristics.

Fusee clock after restoration


Below you can see the fusee movement from the above clock which came into our workshop after being stored for many years in a dilapidated condition if you look at the photograph on the right you can see the rust oozing from the pivots.

Fusee movement prior to restorationFusee movement rearview prior to restoration

Below you can see the same movement after fairly intensive restoration which involve cleaning bushing and re- pivoting

Fusee movement restoreMovement restored rearview


This movement has not received any attention for at least a 100 years below you can see the pallet view.

Top view showing pallets rusty and worn

The same movement cleaned and restored and all the rest removed on every single screw and washer all the moving parts have been checked and repaired.

fusse movement restored top view


Below you can see a long case clock movement which came into our workshop in a very rusty and dilapidated state

Long case movement very dirty and covered in verdigrisLong case clock movement before restoration

Clock case restoration

Below you can see a photograph of fine antique long case clock with a marquetry case after restoration.

This clock came into our workshop after receiving a Phone call from a client who said that he had seen this clock in an auction house and even though he thought it was very much undervalued he would very much like to buy it.

After advising the client as to the true value which after restoration was in excess of £40,000 he decided to buy it and therefore brought the clock to us for restoration.

restored marquetry hood restored marquetry trunk

This clock needed fairly intensive restoration, most of the marquetry was missing and the case was loose and broken therefore the base had to be remade totally, including remaking the bun feet which you can see below.

restored marquetry base


The movement was rusty with a missing locking plate, bell, bell stand, and pallets these of course all had to be remade.

marquetry-long case restored marquetry_long case


The dial had missing spandrels which we made from lost wax principle the date ring was not the original therefore this had to be made also.

Antique Long case clock (grandfather clock)Our aim in the restoration of an antique long case clock cases is that: even an expert will find it hard or impossible to know which item has been replaced.

All timbers used are of the correct period. We specialise in the restoration of earlier cases. These cases were made out of oak and veneered with walnut or Dutch marquetry. These clocks have to be restored in such a way as to maintain their value, as clocks of this nature circa 1660 William and Mary to Queen Anne are items worthy of investment.

For example: the long case clock to the right has had 90% of the marquetry and fret work restored by us to the original standard using wood from our large collection of original timbers.

We are also able to deal with japanning and make missing spandrels using the lost wax method and to engrave chapter rings.

Woodworm is cured, missing parts are replaced and wood is crafted from matching timbers.

We hold vast stocks of original timbers and materials dating back to the 16th century we also hold many brass movement parts and if we don't have them in stock we make them.

We also hold a vast selection of old glass for hood doors and glass bullion's for Long case clock trunk doors.

Below you can see a rather large turret clock from a church this clock hadn't worked apparently since 1932.

We were asked to undertake the restoration of it which involved removing that and pigeon and rat urine and faeces and then of course the restoration, which involved the replacement of three teeth on the going wheel.

Turret clock from church


Dial and face restoration

We undertake dial and face painting and clock re-silvering in exactly the same fashion as when they were originally made. For more information on Antique Clock Dial Restoration.

Examples of antique clock face painting ... movement repairs

Below are a few example pictures of clock face painting and Movement Restoration work by Malcolm Green.

Antique Clock Face RestorationAntique Clock Face Painting Antique Clock Movement Repair

This is a particularly interesting front plate of a long case clock where you can see the scribe marks made by the maker these marks we used for working out the wheel ratios, this front plate is signed and numbered number 63 and dated January 1776.

longcase front plate

An examples of a typical clock restoration project

Very fine 17th century musical long case movement

Above you can see a fine 17th-century three train striking movement with musical strike on eight bells. This clock has a silent strike lever that you can see at the top of the movement which was made by a fine and well respected london clockmaker known as Marmaduke Storr.

Below you can see a photograph of the hood with movement intact prior to restoration.


Below are typical examples of a clock movements brought to our workshop prior to restoration.

rusty-movement1.jpgDirty and rusty French movement

This longcase movement is about as bad as it gets, everything is rusty and worn. Apparently this clock was last restored in 1836 and then was left in a barn until we received it.

  • The movement is dissembled, all the rust removed and the brass plates cleaned.
  • As it is so rusty all the pivots have to be re-made and every bush replaced due to wear.
  • Broken and missing parts will be made contemporary to the period of manufacture.

rusty-movement.jpgEmbassy clock bent Winder

On the right you can see a photograph of the fine French movement that has been dropped with a bent winder. This movement also has broken wheels. All these items will be replaced in an original format.

Further examples of our antique clock restoration work.

We undo previous clock repair, restoration faults

Repairing Antique Clock MovementMany of the clocks we restore arrive at our workshop in appalling condition - some long case and other clock restoration issues we experience. We come across quite a lot of antique clocks that have been "repaired" in an in-appropriate manner and we often have to undo these poor repairs when we restore clocks to their former glory.

We acknowledge the fact that aesthetically you will want your timepiece to remain in it's period, and we have the experience to carry this out.

Antique Clock Restoration and Repair Services including:

  • Grandfather clocks and long case clocks,
  • Wall clocks, small carriage clocks, turret clocks, mantel clocks and regulators.
  • Clock movement repair and overhaul, wheel cutting, French movements, Fusee,
  • Dial and Face painting and overhaul,
  • Clock case restoration, Dutch Marquetry

Antique Instrument Renovation and Repair Services including:

  • Barometers,
  • Scientific instruments,
  • Barographs,
  • Music boxes

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