Antique Clock Repair and Restoration Specialists

Antique Clock Movement Restoration & Long Case Conservation and Repair Specialists

We have been restoring antique clocks for over 45 years, and are proud members of BAFRA and the Antiquarian Horological society. Our restoration work includes clock movement, casework and dial restoration. As well as gilding and carving, etc. All restoration is undertaken in our workshops as we do not outsource our work.

We take pride in our restoration of antique clocks using the same historical techniques and tools appropriate for the period. Our antique clock movement and casework is highly regarded by experts in the field, and we are frequently requested by museums, embassies and societies to undertake the restoration or sympathetic conservation of fine clock cases and movements.

Antique Clock Restoration and Repair Services including:

  • Grandfather clocks and long case clocks
  • Wall clocks, small carriage clocks, turret clocks, mantel clocks and regulators
  • Clock movement repair and overhaul, wheel cutting, French movements, Fusee
  • Dial and Face painting and overhaul
  • Clock case restoration, Dutch Marquetry

Antique Instrument Renovation and Repair Services including:

  • Barometers
  • Scientific instruments
  • Barographs
  • Music boxes

See some of our antique clock restoration projects.

Examples of Before and After Clock Movement Restoration Projects

We frequently receive movements for restoration that are in a rusty and distressed state, perhaps from sitting in storage or a shed for many years. The movement will be thoroughly inspected, all worn parts replaced, and the broken wheels remade. Worn pivots or pinions will be also be replaced, and then the movement can be properly cleaned and reassembled to its original standard. An example of a typical clock restoration project can be seen below.


In the first image, you can see an tired and rusty fusee movement. The second image shows the movement after our restoration, now clean and working as it should.

Dirty rusty fusee movementClean now fully restored after bush and pivot work

Below, you can see an extraordinarily worn and tired French movement, clogged with years of dirt.
After restoration the movement has been professionally cleaned beyond recognition and works perfectly.

French movement dirty not workingSparkling clean and restored

We undo previous clock repair and restoration faults



Please contact us regarding any clock restoration project you might have. We would be quite pleased to receive photographs of your damaged clock. Contact Green and Cockburn on …
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The British antique furniture restorers Association

We are accredited members of BAFRA, (British Antique Furniture Restorers Association).

Horologists, Conservators and Restoration Specialists To The Art, Antique And Museum Professions.

Conservation help and advice
We at Green & Cockburn are willing to help with any antique restoration project. Please contact us with your antique clocks and furniture restoration problems. Perhaps we can offer help and advice.

Historic Houses

We are Corporate members of the Historic Houses Association or HHA

Some of these fine antiques are looked after and housed in fine buildings supported by the Historic Houses Association.