Antique Clock and Furniture Restoration

Antique French clock restoration of movements and cases.

Antique French clock restoration is something that we have been undertaking for about 45 years.

French clocks come in many styles, some of the earlier clocks are extremely valuable particulars those made by well-known French makers.

Some of these early clocks were made with fine French movements with bronze figures and gold ormolu mounts.

Below you can see some examples of some of the restoration work undertaken on some fine French clocks

A very fine early French Mantel clock by Gay Vicarino and company.

This clock has been restored in our workshop it was in a particularly rusty and worn condition initially when it came in for restoration, the movement has now been fully restored to a high standard, the dial has been gilded and repainted, the bronze acanthus leaf foliage has been repaired and coloured and the base has been gilded in 24 carat gold.

This clock has a silk suspension and has a pre-rack strike therefore the strike works on a count wheel

A very fine early French Mantel clock by Gay Vicarino and company.

Below you can see a very fine French dial after restoration the chapter ring has been silvered using silver sulphate the clock centre has been gilded using 24 carat gold powder the bottom section has been Mercury gilded.

Silvered and gilded French clock dial

A fine French clock after restoration work has been undertaken to the movement and the case gilded

French clock after restoration work and gilding has been undertaken

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