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About Green and Cockburns Antiques Restoration and Valuation Service

Malcolm Green

Malcolm Green of Green and Cockburn and his restoration team have been restoring and valuing antiques for nearly 45 years.

We have undertaken this restoration work On fine antique clocks,gilding work on interiors and furniture and works of art for museums, stately homes and private collections.

These skills include full horological skills, all furniture restoration skills, gilding and carving skills and the restoration of works of art, including water and oil colours using the same materials and the emphasis of use of tools as in the same manner as when they were originally made.

All this restoration work such as clock movement work, casework, and dial restoration, gilding etc is undertaken in our workshops as we do not outsource anything.

These days though Malcolm is taking very much of a backseat role concentrating on the valuation of antiques and fine art in his valuation business and is now acting very much in an advisory capacity as his restoration team headed up by his son Myles are more than capable of undertaking any restoration task necessary.

In latter years Malcolm has also been used as an adviser and presenter on the BBC for antique restoration programs and is at present the resident clock expert on the BBC2 Restoration Road show and is a consultant on many antique orientated programmes.

Antique clock restoration

In our antiques clock restoration department we restore clock movements and cases in exactly the same way as when they were made with the added help of modern machine tools.

18th century walnut long case clock_hood

Antiques valuation and consultation

Malcolm has been valuing antiques for many years undertaking work for insurance companies and insurance assessors, for Probate and inheritance tax purposes,valuing for auction houses and the BBC where he has been used as a presenter and consultant and restorer for antique restoration programs and is at present the resident clock expert on the Restoration Roadshow. Malcolm now has a separate valuation website in addition to the valuations page on this site which is

Malcolm has a comprehensive knowledge of antique clocks, antique furniture, oil and water paintings and fine works of art.


We undertake dial painting in exactly the same manner as when they were made.

On the left before restoration on the right after restoration.

Dial before restoration Dial after restoration

We also undertake the restoration of turtle shell and Ivory the figure below

has had the hand replaced.

            18th century-Carved ivory figure

Antique furniture restoration

In our antique furniture restoration department we undertake all traditional restoration work including French polishing specialist Dutch marquetry restoration on clock cases. We also undertake traditional hair upholstery and are famous for invisible timber repairs using original timber on all restoration projects such as antique chair restoration, table repairs of all kinds.

A typical furniture restoration project in our work shop is this fine William and Mary period Dutch marquetry Bombay commode bookcase.

Dutch marquetry Bombay commode bookcase restored Dutch marquetry commode base Dutch marquetry commode base

We excel in our gilded mirror and picture frames department (including gilding and carving). All materials used are as they would have been, including gesso clay and animal glue for gluing and rabbit skin for gilding.

We are specialist gilders and carvers and have worked on some of the most interesting and relevant gilded frames in the country these include frames by Chippendale and Grinling Gibbons who are both well known for there furniture manufacturing and carving skills.

Below you can see a typical gilding project.

Cushion mirror after restoration


Invisible repairs

We pride ourselves in what we call invisible furniture repairs. This means that if we have repaired a table, chair or a clock case you should not be able to distinguish where the repair had been carried out. This is work that can only be carried out by extremely competent French polishers. Don't just take our word for it look at some of our recent restoration projects.

Green and Cockburn Antique Restoration have been successfully trading for nearly 40 years

Green and Cockburn Antique Restorations signEven our sign is old - please use the new number 01462 790646 to contact us! which came in I believe in 1979.

Being a family run business, our combined experience enables us to make our restoration skills very sought-after in the world of art and antiques.

We are based on the Hertfordshire Cambridgeshire Bedfordshire border and are willing to travel to: Hertfordshire (Herts), Bedfordshire (Beds), Cambridgeshire (Cambs), Buckinghamshire (Bucks) and Essex.

Church restoration and period interiors

A great deal of work that we take on is large scale restorations of period interiors, furniture and turret clocks in Churches and Cathedrals where we also undertake the restoration of period timber in relation to woodworm treatment, solidification of rotting timber and carving,keeping to the individual period concept such as the restoration of broken rood screens that may require carved tracery or the restoration of rood screen paintwork.

We are also skilled in the restoration of stonework and of course the restoration and maintenance of of church turret clocks where we are able to make any missing part necessary.

We are willing to collect Antique clocks or furniture from your area including North London, Barnet and Finchley

Please contact us for a free appraisal of your restoration work.

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