Antique Clock and Furniture Restoration

Examples of Antique Furniture Restoration, French polishing, Renovation and Repair

A fine Regency ladies sewing Cabinet

A fine Regency ladies sewing Cabinet before and after restoration this Cabinet has a particularly wonderfully drawn and etched interior.

Ladies sewing Cabinet before restorationFine detail in the Regency ladies sewing Cabinet after restoration

Below you see an image of the fine detail and the quality of the restoration work undertaken.

Detail the finely etched interior

15th Century Italian Slate table.

We were asked by very important client to undertake the restoration of a 15th century Italian Slate table that had become damaged in their care.

Something rather heavy had been dropped on the corner and a section was broken out from the Slate, to make things worse this Slate slab which once was on the floor of a fine 15th century Villa was now encased within a metal frame and being used as a table, so removing the slate from the metal frame was haphazard to say the least.

Therefore the restoration was undertaken within the framework.

Below you can see a photograph of the table after the slate repairs have been undertaken but before the artwork.

15 centuries Slate table before repairs

As Slate was originally silt laid down geographically then hardened over time there were many different layers to cut through with hardness differences and gaps within the Slate structure.

Below you can see a photograph of the repair and after the marbling and artwork has been restored.

15 century Slate table after repairs

Below you can see a photograph of the whole table after restoration a lot of the artwork was missing which has now been restored as the marbling around the edges and worn away.

All this work has been undertaken using contemporary materials and pigments.

15th century slate table after repair

This page shows some examples of our antique furniture restoration work.

We are extremely skilled French polishers and restorers of fine antique furniture and have worked on some of the finest pieces in the country.

We think you will agree that our restoration work is of the highest standard and you can trust us to undertake in the best possible manner the repair work needed on your much loved and cherished antiques.

This mirror came to our workshop in such a bad condition that the client decided it was only good for throwing away, but after much hesitation and anticipation on their behalf they decided to have it restored thankfully, as the restoration has proved highly successful the mirror is now valued at somewhere in the region of £15,000.

Gilded and restored cushion mirror

The mirror above has been guilty in 24 carat gold over gesso and brass work most of the items and parts were missing including glass sections and had to be made out of contemporary parts.

Very fine Dutch marquetry commode circa 1680

Below you can see photographs of a particularly fine Dutch marquetry commode with profusely inlaid marquetry work of floral and cherub inlay.

Dutch marquetry Bombay commode bookcase restored

Dutch marquetry Bombay commode bookcase restoreBombay commode

This fine marquetry cabinet came to us with 50% of the veneer missing which had to be replaced some of the handles were missing and had to be remadeusing the lost wax principle and then gilded.

Fine William and Mary walnut chest circa 1690.

Unfortunately this rather nice William and Mary walnut chest has been partly eaten by the owners dog and it seems the dog swallowed the lot.

William and Mary walnut chest damaged William and Mary walnut chest damaged

Below you can see the restored chest. Furniture of this period i.e. William and Mary circa 1680 is highly sought-after, therefore it is necessary when undertaking repairs to use timber contemporary to the period as you can see below with the herringbone banding and veneer work.

William and Mary walnut chest repaired William and Mary walnut chest repaired William and Mary walnut chest repaired

Antique table in need of restoration

This photo showsan antique table that was recentl brought to us for a complete restoration.It was damaged and had been badly neglected.

Antique table before restoration

Antique table before restoration

After hours of intensive work, the antique table had been through our thorough restoration process. Although now in perfect condition, the original period concept remains intact which is something only experienced antique restorers are capable of achieving. The seamless repair meant that the owner of this beautiful antique was overwhelmed by the transformation and could not believe that such an accurate restoration was possible. We pride ourselves on the results that our experience and hard work can produce.

Antique table after renovation

Antique table after renovation

Antique Victorian Walnut table restoration - water damaged and burn marked

This quarter veneered antique Victorian Walnut table arrived at our workshop in an extremely bad condition. This piece was very badly damaged by water and had an unsightly burn mark, as well as showing obvious signs of natural aging.

Antique Victorian Walnut table before restoration

Antique Victorian Walnut table before restoration

We are used to receiving items in such a condition and our restoration expertise enabled us to select the appropriate timbers needed to restore this fine antique table to its former glory.

The burn marks have been removed, veneer has been inlaid in position of the various marks and the water marks have been totally removed.

The entire table surface has been revived, and as a finishing measure the table was polished and ready for the happy customer to take delivery of their restored antique.

Once again, after hours of our intensive restoration work this beautiful antique table has been completely restored keeping in mind it's period and concept.

Antique Victorian Walnut table after renovation

Antique Victorian Walnut table after renovation

Fine Regency stool circa 1790

This rather poor regency stool has been repaired in the past using brass within the mahogany to strengthen it. This unfortunately hasn't worked therefore we have had to replace the whole of one side. As you can see from the photograph below this work was undertaken using mahogany contemporary to the period.

Regency stool beforeRegency stool after

And this photograph after polishing and cosmetics its impossible to tell which side has been replaced.

Georgian Bureau in a very distressed state

This George 111 Bureau has been damaged. And the veneer is falling away.

Georgian Bureau Damaged by neglect

This Georgian Bureau has now been repaired and polished to retain its value and this has been undertaken using veneer and polish contempory to the period

Geo 111 Antique bureau repaired and polished

Antique Secretaire military chest vandalised by a thief and restored

This Secretaire military chest was damaged rather badly when a thief wrenched open the Secretaire drawer and damaged it as shown.

Antique Secretaire beforeAntique secretaire front before

And after restoration the door of Secretaire drawer after veneer work and polishing has been undertaken. We have also fitted a new leather.

Secretaire repaired with new leatherAntique Secretaire drawer after repair

Antique Military Chest

Split and nailed antique table leg in need of renovation

The left photo shows that the table leg joints had been nailed through, completely splitting the wood.

The right photo was taken after the legs were removed, cleaned and the joints remade and re-glued. The legs were then polished.

Antique table leg before renovationAntique table leg after restoration

Damaged antique table leg before and after restoration

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