"Antique clock dial and face painting, clock re-silvering. We paint clock dials using pigments of the period and copy the original artists techniques">
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Antique Clock Dial Restoration

We at green and Cockburn antiques restoration undertake dial restoration to the very highest standard as seen below but this dial restoration is undertaken as part and parcel of a complete restoration of a long case clock or part of a movement and dial restoration rather than simply painting individual dials.

This is partly because the restoration undertaken on the dial is very time-consuming therefore this dial restoration fee is often offset by the monetary gain acquired by the work on the case or the movement.

An example of our dial restoration please see details in moon phrases section and hemispheres section.

Detail of dial showing moon phases

Below you can see the very worn and dilapidated dial of a fusee clock this dial required fairly intensive restoration as it was damaged and dented and the pillars which held the movement had pulled through.

Damage fusee dial

Below you can see the same dial after restoration the dial feet have been repaired the rust has been removed.

The dial has been painted and lacquered and the numerals and chapter rings added.

fusee dial after restoration

Antique clock dial after restoration    Antique clock dial after restoration    Longcase clock dial after restoration

Examples of Antique Clock Dial Restoration

In addition to our clock movement and case restoration services we repaint and restore clock dials and faces. This work involves various paint finishes to match the original and enamel dial restoration which involves re-firing techniques.

On the left you can see a damaged enamelled dial, on the right the dial restored and on the clock.

American embassy clock before restoration American Embassy Clock after restoration

Enamel dial restoration is in fact porcelain restoration and uses very much the same techniques, an enamel dial which is damaged can be restored back to its original condition without any sign of damage whatsoever, the main criteria here though, as with any restoration, is that the cost has to be within the value of the restored item to be viable for the owner.

All our dials are restored using traditional paint techniques.

We undertake dial and face painting and clock re-silvering in exactly the same fashion as when they were originally made. We paint clock dials using paint and pigments of the period and we also copy the original artists naive techniques. On scottish dials we lay gold leaf as per the original dial.

A rather damaged dial with moon phases before restoration.

Silvered dial before restoration

Below you can see on the right rather damaged moon phases wheel from the above dial along the left a newly cut brass dial.

On the left a newly cut wheel and the damaged wheel to copy

Below you can see the same wheel after restoration with the white silvered chapter ring.

Phases wheel after restoration

And below the same phases wheel in the newly silvered and 24 carat gold leaf gilded dial.

Freshly gilded and silvered dial

Some before and after examples of our clock dial restoration work.

The long case dial on the left was as you see extremely damaged and rusty and was originally painted in what we call the provincial naive style this has been copied using ultraviolet light to view the original art and period concept.

Dial extremely damaged bent and rustyDamage dial after restoration painted in the naive style


The dial below has been painted using gold under the artwork as per the original.

Antique clock dial before restorationAntique clock dial after restoration

Antique clock dial before restorationAntique clock dial after restoration

The re-painted dial on the right has had gold leaf added as per the original.

Longcase clock dial before restoration Longcase clock dial after restoration

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