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Antique Fusee Clock Restoration

It's common for us to receive clocks for restoration with extreme rust. Perhaps from sitting in a shed or garage for many years. First, the movement will be inspected for any damage and we will take note of the parts that need to be replaced. Then the broken wheels will be remade, worn pivots or pinions will be replaced, the movement will be cleaned and reassembled to the original standard.

in the first photograph on the left you can see a fine fusee wall clock which had fallen off the wall as you can see there are holes on the dial these holes are because the dial feet have broken through and are still attached to the movement as you can see in the picture on the right.

The case was broken and the movement suffered greatly this restoration work has now been undertaken and completed.


Fusee wall clock badly brokenMovement with dial feet attached

This fusee wall clock has had the restoration work undertaken the case has been repaired the dial feet have been reinserted and welded into the dial the dial then repainted and the movement repaired fully and the case repaired and polished.

Fusee wall clock repaired and painted

Below you can see this particularly fine antique fusee movement as made by Thomas Jackson assigned to the list of members of the clockmakers company of London 1688.

This fine movement with strike silent as you can see centre to the movement this movement with rack strike snail and star wheel striking.

This movement came into the workshop requiring intensive restoration looking as if it had been left in a skip.

It has now been fully restored with bush and pivot restoration.


Fine double fuseeFusee movement showing rear with makers engraving

We were requested to restore this once splendid fusee clock. As you can see, it had not been tended to in a very long time after being in a cellar for the past sixty years. The client had faith in our restoration skills, and was willing to invest in us to bring this antique clock back to its original splendour.

Dirty and dusty fusee clock after being in a cellar for apparently 50 to 60 yearsfusee dial after restoration

Once the movement had been restored, a suitable bezel and convex glass was fitted, and the dial was restored to its former glory.

Below, you can see the fusee movement from a clock which came into our workshop after being left untended to for many years. If you look at the photographs closely, you can see the rust oozing out from the pivots.

Fusee movement prior to restorationFusee movement rearview prior to restoration

You can see the very same movement after a fairly intensive restoration.

Fusee movement restoredMovement restored front view

As we were told by the client, this third movement had not received attention for at least a hundred years!

fusee-movement-dirty-pallet-view.jpgfusee movement restored top view

The movement was cleaned and restored. All rust was removed, down to every last single screw and washer. Moving parts were inspected and repaired.


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