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Fire Damaged Antique French Gilded Ormolu Clock

I was contacted by client who said they had a fire and their antique clock was damaged.

Below you can see pictures of this French Guilded Ormolu clock prior to restoration, it is covered in verdigris and rust.

clock dial before restoration

This clock was burnt and then soaked by fireman, then left for approx a year before restoration was agreed by the insurance company.

Gilt clock before restoration movement before restoration

In the pictures above you can see the condition of the clock, the French movement was covered in rust, verdigris and builders rubble. Apparently the firemen had used the clock at some stage as a doorstop!

The movement was so rusted that all the pivots had to be remade and most of the bushes had to be replaced. Most other metal parts had to have the rust pitting removed and the brass cleaned to remove verdigris. The case was disassembled and each part cleaned thoroughly and then gilded using the electrolytic process.

The glass from the dial was removed using very hot water which expands the bezel. The bezel was then cleaned ready for gilding.

When this lovely antique clock was originally made it was gilded using mercury but we are not allowed to use this process these days.

The brass case is cleaned and then a copper flashing is put upon the surface, it is then gilded in 24 carat gold.

Clock movement after restoration

Below and above you can see pictures of the restored clock movement after intense cleaning and rennovation work.

Close-up of clock movement after restoration

The clock case is reassembled and the gilded bezel again reheated in hot water and the glass re-added to the bezel.

After all the work on the movement is undertaken, and after final cleaning the movement is reassembled and tested.

Below you can see photographs of the fully restored antique French Ormolu gilded clock.

gilded clock after restoration gilded clock dial after restoration

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