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Fine French mantel clock circa 1840

We were called to London one-day to look at an antique French mantel clock that had fallen to the floor. This clock from the American Embassy was rather important as it was bequeathed to the property from President Lincoln's estate.

This clock was in a particularly bad way. The dial was broken, the movement had a bent winding shaft, the main shaft arbor was missing completely, the movement also had other broken wheels and shafts. Also the marble base was broken and cracked.

Below you can see photographs of the clock as we received it, prior to restoration.

American embassy clock bent Winder enamel dial

In the first photograph you can see in the centre that the main arbour is broken and missing. You can also see the bent shaft which corresponds with the damage on the dial in the second photograph just below the 3 o'clock.

Below you can see damage to the marble of the clock.

damaged Onyx

Repairing marble is often quite complicated particularly matching old marble because it has aged.

Below you can see a photograph of the finished movement, dial and marble case.

American embassy clock after restoration

In this next enlarged photograph of the area around the right-hand side winding hole the the damaged dial has been re-enamelled completely.

restored enamel dial

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